What pandemic? Leslie Rutledge still wants to kill the Affordable Care Act

2020-03-30 | Arkansas Times

The Daily Beast reports that Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge is among the Republican legal officers who have confirmed they will continue to press for the U.S. Supreme Court to strike down the entirely of the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare.

This is the life-saving legislation that expanded Medicaid, covered pre-existing conditions, extended family coverage to older children, guaranteed preventive and other key medical coverage and otherwise saved tens of thousands of lives.

The Republicans seeking to kill this landmark legislation say Congress would surely move quickly to provide an alternative. The record of Republican-held houses of Congress is exactly the opposite. Its existing-condition coverage proposal was a worthless sham.  Efforts are underway by the Trump administration to wreck Medicaid.

Killing Obamacare is a terrible idea at any time. Killing it amid a pandemic is lunacy.

Republicans from Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, Missouri and Mississippi all confirmed to Dailey Beast that the pandemic hadn’t dampened their ardor to kill Obamacare, though all have experienced a growing toll from the virus.

I’ve asked for further comment from Rutledge, if she has time between cutting TV and radio commercials.

Crippling healthcare amid a global epidemic hasn’t stopped Rutledge from buying air time on the evening news and elsewhere to attach her mug shot to messages about coronavirus.

I’ve filed an FOI request with the attorney general’s office on advertising spending by her office last year and this.

As we mentioned earlier, health coverage could become a very big deal if a vaccine is developed for coronavirus. It’s already a big deal for some people unable to pay for testing or treatment because of a lack of universal health care in this exceptional country.

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